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Rallye Evaluation Day overview




1 day


10 people maximum


Want to know more about rallies? This 1 day event will help you understand what is involved, from booking your entry, setting up your bike and kit choice to levels of riding.


The terrain will be dictated by the event you choose, from gravel tracks, grass, trails through woods, some loose rocks, tree roots all the way through to full on desert rallies. Open fast flowing desert piste, wadis, and the dune fields of Erg Chebi and Erg Chegaga and Erg Ouzina are all options on these trips.

Stage Requirements

To get the most from these days, you should have attended our Stage 1 course or similar. It is likely you want to take part in an event and want to know more; these days are 1 way to find out what you need to know. We also host several Zoom Q&A sessions to discuss particular events and rallies.


£285.00 - £525.00


6 - 8 Hours


8 people maximum


Possible ruts, momentum style ascents, hill ascents and descents, hill recovery, turning off road.


Gravel tracks, grass, trails through woods, some loose rocks, tree roots.

Stage Requirements

Riden a geared motorcycle

What will you learn on the day?

The difference between a rallye, raid and adventure tour; the various navigation options from GPS to roadbook, bike choice, bike set up and kit choice, through to levels of fitness required.  There is plenty of time for riding and we will throw in some exercises and skills that will make a difference once you are on your chosen rallye. 

Bike Set up

With years of experience on  hundreds of different rallies and raids, we will talk to you about bike choice and bike set up.

Which navigation option is best for the event you plan to enter?  Do I need a nav tower with road book holder and switch gear?

Mousses or tubes? 

Do I need a longer range fuel tank?

Navigation Options

Understanding the different types of event navigation will help you in your preparation.  We will cover road books and GPS navigation options.

Will my A5 A to Z be OK, or should I get a SatNav?

What is the difference between a SatNav and a GPS?

Do I need some roadbook training?

Dealing with obstacles

From stream and river crossings to tackling obstructions across the trail, we can give you advice on how to tackle them all. 

Maybe some obstacles need a team effort, perhaps there could be some situations where retracing your route and finding another way round would be the best option.

Rider Reviews

Check out some of our 5 star reviews from the adventure alumni.

Given that I’m fast approaching 60, I really didn’t think I had it in me.  I can't recommend the Desert Rose Adventure Riding Academy enough, and looking forward to getting out there now with less cursing and more smiles !!  I will be back of course for my next instalment of “You CAN teach an old dog new tricks"
Ian G
My level one course at Desert Rose was a real turning point in my off road riding. It made me think about my technique and instilled in me the basics that I now rely on every time I get on the bike.
Henry C
Fab day, I ache all over. The course was run professionally, with clear direction & instruction. Not at one point did I feel any frustration from either of you, just encouragement but also empathy & care for those fall offs! I’m hoping to transfer some of the learnt skills & confidence to road riding. I wouldn’t change a thing. (apart from my own fear!)
Annie H
Jan MC
We had the BEST time yesterday and can't wait to come back for another go! Thank you so much for the day, I also learned a lot and it's helped get my confidence back after the crash I had in January.  Patsy, it was inspirational to get coaching from you and I definitely need to master the sliding off the side of the bike to put a foot down!
Jan Mc
David W
My time on two wheels with the Desert Rose Adventure Riding Academy was absolutely fantastic.  Harry made our day fun, engaging and really informative, explaining everything really well and he was happy to field the questions I had as a new rider. I was paired up with an approachable bike that ran faultlessly and all the safety equipment I needed, which combined with such a stunning location, really helped make the day one to remember. 
David W
Thank you so much for yesterday! Apart from being ridiculous amounts of fun, I can't tell you how much awesome stuff I learned. In particular, all the work you did, explaining body position and weight balance was just transformatively useful and after just a few hours with you both, I feel so much more capable off road. I'm totally coming back for more before I buy myself a green lane bike.

Frequently asked

There are just a few things you’ll need to know before you ride off. Here you’ll quickly find the answers to some common questions, allowing you to get on and have some fun! 

Fear not, our helpful team are here to support you on and off the track. Head over to the Courses page to get a an overview of each course. If you’re still not sure you can email us at to arrange an over-the-phone assessment.

You can bring along your own off-road/adventure riding gear, one of our instructors will need to check it upon arrival to ensure it is suitable for the style of riding you will be doing on our courses and you will need to complete the PPE form.

We strongly recommend that you DO NOT wear road riding gear, it generally isn’t breathable enough and the boots are unlikely to have sufficient protection for the riding style and environment.

You also probably won’t want to scratch your road helmet or visor on tree branches!

Please let us know if you have any special requirements in terms of kit sizes, for example an especially small waist or large head.

Unfortunately not. Due to the venue and the type of riding we do (not a track like Motocross), we cannot have anybody walking around on site. We will be constantly moving around the venue, with different exercises being in different areas. If for any reason you require a guardian or friend to be present, please get in touch via email at

You can book here: BOOK NOW. Our online booking system only takes a few minutes and all major credit/debit cards are accepted. If you have any issues contact our team here

The course administration, off bike tuition and safety briefing, begins at roughly 09:30.

Riding time starts at 10:00, when we make our way through the woods into the training field. Each course topic is generally followed by riding time to allow the instruction to start to feed through into your riding.

We allow time for a tea break in the morning and afternoon along with a minimum of 30 minutes for lunch.

If time allows the last session in the afternoon is usually an opportunity for you to try other bikes in our training fleet. Riding time in the afternoon finishes at 16:00, when there’s time to discuss your next steps on the road to your adventures, whether that is the next stage of our structured courses, or a trip to Morocco, or some road book training for that African Rally………….

Clearly, as our courses are run outside in the beautiful East Sussex countryside we will be affected by the British weather, occasionally that means we might alter the course running order to ensure rider safety.

You will need to bring your own lunch and any snacks that you might want during the day. We have facilities for making hot drinks and if you have a travel mug/reusable mug feel free to bring it with you. If you prefer an alternative to fresh cow’s milk in your tea/coffee please remember to bring some with you.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to drop us an email at

Need help with your next adventure?

Fear not, our helpful team at DRARA are here to support you on and off the track. We can provide help with bookings, general questions or private/hosted events (plus much more.)

Ready to ride?

Response time: 24 hours

(Please note, we only run private and group events on weekdays)


Ready to ride?

Response time: 24 hours

(Please note, we only run private and group events on weekdays)