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Whether you’re a seasoned vet or a first-time rider, there’s a course or experience tailored for all levels! Each one of our stages features plenty of riding time to ensure you get the most from your ride. Our ethos is for riders to get the basics right, to build a core set of building blocks that become the foundation for their off road riding. As the building blocks bed in, each rider can develop their skills at their pace.

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Stage 1 & Stage 1 Plus

The start of every adventure, here you’ll learn the fundamentals of off-road riding.  Either opt for the 1 day course, or kick start your adventure with 2 days back to back on the Stage 1 Plus.

Stage 2

Time to take it up a gear, here we teach technical skills to help you tackle off-road obstacles.  From steeper ascents and descents to dropping in and out of streams.

eBike Xperiences

Want to step into the future.  Try out our eBike Xperiences, with both Junior and Adult sessions available.

Ebike Xperience is more than just a destination; it’s a testament to our love for off-road biking. Our dedicated team shares a profound passion for the rush of the courses and the serenity of nature.

Skills Development Day

Here we increase your confidence of what you, as a rider, are capable of achieving.  We can focus on areas of your riding you want concentrate on.  With more riding time, these days are about that all important time on the bike. 

Rallye Evaluation Day

Want to take part in a rallye or a rallye raid but not too sure what’s involved? We have put together a 1 day evaluation event to give you a flavour.

Using your own suitable off road motorcycle or renting one of ours, the day will consist of some practical discussions about bike preparation, personal fitness, kit selection, mechanical trouble shooting and of course plenty of on bike exercises.  (Please note that this course will not suit a fully laden BMW R1250GSA with the entire parts and accessories catalogue thrown at it)

Ladies Day

An introduction to off-road riding covering all the fundamentals with one difference… ladies only!

Maintenance Workshops

Ever wanted to do some basic maintenance on your enduro bike?

Whether you want to know how to change oil and air filters, change worn brake pads or put new tyres on your bike this short 1/2 day workshop will give you the confidence to know what you are capable of.

Trail tools vs workshop tools

Bike set up

Know your bike 

Bars – bar risers or not?

Daily/Pre Ride Checks Nuts and bolts Wheels/bearings Chain/sprockets Brakes

Routine maintenance including Oil and filter change, brake pad change and tyre change.

What's the difference between stages?

With our progressive approach to instruction, the building blocks of off-road riding run through all of our courses. Whether Stage 1, Stage 2 or a Skills Development Day we will always spend time refreshing the basics.Not sure which course is for you? You can arrange an over-the-phone assessment by clicking here.



Private & Group Bookings

We can offer Private Group Sessions. Whether for a corporate team building day or simply a group of like minded riders who want to have a day just for them, we can tailor a day that works. Even for a mixed ability/experience group we can work with you to build a day that all riders will feel has benefitted their off road riding. We can offer 1-to-1 tuition for those who want to focus on particular aspects of their riding, maybe to prepare for a particular event, trip, adventure or rally. Private sessions will usually be arranged for weekdays as our weekend calendar is often full with public courses.

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Rider Reviews

Check out some of our 5 star reviews from the adventure alumni.

Given that I’m fast approaching 60, I really didn’t think I had it in me.  I can't recommend the Desert Rose Adventure Riding Academy enough, and looking forward to getting out there now with less cursing and more smiles !!  I will be back of course for my next instalment of “You CAN teach an old dog new tricks"
Ian G
My level one course at Desert Rose was a real turning point in my off road riding. It made me think about my technique and instilled in me the basics that I now rely on every time I get on the bike.
Henry C
Fab day, I ache all over. The course was run professionally, with clear direction & instruction. Not at one point did I feel any frustration from either of you, just encouragement but also empathy & care for those fall offs! I’m hoping to transfer some of the learnt skills & confidence to road riding. I wouldn’t change a thing. (apart from my own fear!)
Annie H
Jan MC
We had the BEST time yesterday and can't wait to come back for another go! Thank you so much for the day, I also learned a lot and it's helped get my confidence back after the crash I had in January.  Patsy, it was inspirational to get coaching from you and I definitely need to master the sliding off the side of the bike to put a foot down!
Jan Mc
David W
My time on two wheels with the Desert Rose Adventure Riding Academy was absolutely fantastic.  Harry made our day fun, engaging and really informative, explaining everything really well and he was happy to field the questions I had as a new rider. I was paired up with an approachable bike that ran faultlessly and all the safety equipment I needed, which combined with such a stunning location, really helped make the day one to remember. 
David W
Thank you so much for yesterday! Apart from being ridiculous amounts of fun, I can't tell you how much awesome stuff I learned. In particular, all the work you did, explaining body position and weight balance was just transformatively useful and after just a few hours with you both, I feel so much more capable off road. I'm totally coming back for more before I buy myself a green lane bike.

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Ready to ride?

Response time: 24 hours

(Please note, we only run private and group events on weekdays)



Ready to ride?

Response time: 24 hours

(Please note, we only run private and group events on weekdays)